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Rose Day History, Essay, Wiki | Information for Students- Rose Day a special day for lovers is celebrated on 7th February. It is annually celebrated day regardless of the day. Rose Day marks the start of valentines week. This day is celebrated all over the world. Roses and Love have a strong connection. Rose has always been primary symbol of love. Jewellery, clothing, accessories etc etc all fall in second category. Roses have always been the first choice of lovers.

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Happy Rose Day

Happy Rose Day

Rose Day History, Wiki

Rose Day, first day of Valentines week has many history stories. There are many opinions regarding origin of Valentine’s Day. Some people believe that it originated from St Valentine, who was a Roman was martyred for refusing to give up Christianity. While some experts say that St Valentine left a farewell note for jailer’s daughter who had become his friend. The farewell note which he left had signed “From Your Valentine.”

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Rose Day Information for Students | Significance of Roses

Roses are available in many different colors like Red, White, Pink, Yellow, Orange and Lavender. But do you know that each color of rose has a specific meaning? Check out the list of colors and meaning of colors.

Rose Day Information for Students | Significance of Roses

Rose Day Information for Students | Significance of Roses

Significance of Roses

  • Red Roses

Red color symbolizes love. So ultimate symbol of red rose is love. No romantic day is complete without red roses. Sincere love, courage, passion and respect are conveyed by Red Roses.

  • White Roses

White Roses are known as bridal roses and are traditional wedding flowers. Purity and innocence is symbolized by White Roses. Friendship, respect, love and hope are feelings conveyed by white roses.

  • Pink Roses

Grace and Elegance are reprsented by Pink roses. It is gifted as an expression of admiration, feminine and refinement. They also symbolize gentleness and grace.

  • Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses have universal meaning for friendship. Initially yellow roses were used to symbolize dying love and jealousy. But as time went on, its meaning changed. Yellow color was connected with sun, these sun-filled colored roses represent friendship, caring and joy. Appreciation is the feeling conveyed by Yellow roses.

  • Lavender Roses

Lavender Rose is a special Valentine Flower which symbolizes “Love at first sight”. It is the symbol of desire and enchantment. They express sincere love and appreciation.

  • Orange Roses

Orange color is a combination of red and yellow. Orange Roses represent a bridge between the feelings of love and friendship.

  • Bouquet of Roses

Bouquet contains multi-colored roses which symbolizes unity and happiness.

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